Крутезний діючий мобільний додаток в Pet сегменті

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Пошук коштів. Кредити для юридичних і фізичних осіб, інвестиції в startup або діючий бізнес, кредитування виробників і приватних осіб, залучення інвестицій
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Крутезний діючий мобільний додаток в Pet сегменті

Доброго дня! Сучасна соціальна мережа та мобільний додаток для власників домашніх тварин та бізнесу, пов'язаного з зоотоварами та зоопослугами, залучає інвестиції для масштабування. Інвестиції призначені для розвитку та покращення функціонала, щоб втілити нові ідеї на базі додатка. Динамічно прогресуючий ринок, за потенціалом як медичний. Є можливість по відсоткової власності в статутному капіталі.

Ось декілька цифр по економічному потенціалу та планів на 5-річку:

5-Year Business Plan
Forecast for 1-2 Years:
- User count: 2 million.
- (С1)Potential users: 1,999,491.
- Average check: $686.
- (С2) Revenue per check: $68.6 (percentage of turnover).
- (С3) Business accounts: 8,330 (potential number of businesses using the app).
- (С4) Average business check: $600 (average annual business subscription and promotion
- Total potential profit: $142,163,083 (C1xC2)+(C3xC4).

Development Strategy:
- Establishing our own production of pet food and cosmetics.
- Capturing a niche in the global pet market, including Europe, the USA, and Asia.
- Entering the IPO market.
- Reaching popularity levels comparable to Instagram and TikTok.

Forecast for 3-5 Years:
- (С1) User count: 19,994,910.
- (С2)Revenue per transaction: $68.6.
- (С3)Business accounts: 18,330.
- (С4)Average business transaction: $600.
- Total potential profit: $1,382,648,826. (C1xC2)+(C3xC4)

Customer Problem
Our app solves the isolation of pet owners by enabling community interaction, sharing, and support. It simplifies buying and selling pet goods and services, offers educational content, and provides tools for personalized pet care management

Products & Services
Our app enhances pet owner connectivity through social features, facilitates pet care education, and streamlines purchasing of goods and services with exclusive discounts. We offer NFT creation for unique pet memories, a digital token for transactions, and personalized pet care plans to optimize health and happiness.

Target Market
Our target market comprises global pet owners who value community engagement and are tech-savvy, looking for convenient pet care and social interaction solutions. We target pet owners of all ages who embrace digital solutions, from young adults to seniors. Psychographically, our users are community-oriented, prioritize animal welfare, and prefer innovative products that improve their pets' lives and their understanding of pet care.

Business Model
Our business model focuses on monetizing through subscriptions, sales of digital goods like NFTs, and our PetPaws token. We'll offer premium services, such as personalized pet care plans and automated monthly supply baskets, enhancing user convenience and retention. Revenue will also come from partnerships with pet product suppliers, leveraging our platform's targeted marketing capabilities to promote their goods directly to interested buyers.

Customer Segments
Our customer segments are:

1. Tech-savvy pet owners using social media and digital platforms for community interaction and innovative pet care.
2. Pet industry suppliers seeking direct marketing and sales channels to end-users.
3. New pet owners needing education and guidance, benefiting from our personalized consulting.
4. Enthusiasts of digital innovations and collectibles, keen on pet-related NFTs and our digital token, PetPaws.

Sales & Marketing Strategy
Our strategy involves using social media and digital marketing to attract tech-savvy pet owners through targeted ads and collaborations with pet influencers. We'll promote unique features like pet NFTs and digital tokens. For retention, we offer exclusive discounts, a loyalty program, and personalized pet health and nutrition plans. Interactive community events and educational content will further engage and retain users.

The competitive landscape features direct rivals such as other pet social networks and indirect alternatives like general social media and pet care apps. Competitors have strong user bases but often lack specialized features for pet interaction and commerce. Our app stands out by offering unique tools like pet NFTs, digital tokens, and personalized pet care programs, not commonly available on other platforms. This focus on pet-centric features provides us with a competitive edge in engaging a dedicated community.

Competitive Advantage
Our app's competitive advantage lies in its unique integration of pet NFTs and digital tokens, PetPaws, which are not offered by other platforms. This allows pet owners to monetize interactions and transactions uniquely. Additionally, our personalized pet care programs and the ability to digitize pet products for seamless online shopping provide a proprietary edge in enhancing user engagement and loyalty, setting us apart in the pet care market.

Пишіть, будь ласка, нам на нашу адресу kotobook9@gmail.com за розширеною інформацією, або залишайте в коментарях свої контакти.

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